Members who have collected previous editions of ‘Proceedings’ will find the Contents & Index an invaluable research tool. 

Proceedings: Volume 1 (Published Autumn 1992)

  • Two houses in Penns Lane, by Jim May (19th c.) View ...
  • Eight views of Boldmere: Illustrations for a history of Boldmere, by Ken Williams (18/19th c.) View ...
  • Early Enclosure movements in Sutton Coldfield, by Janet Lillywhite (18th/19th c.) View ...
  • Captain Walter Peyton and his voyages, by A.F. Fentiman (17th c.) View ...
  • The Royal Oak, by K.M. Kendall (19th c.) View ...
  • Sutton Coldfield Rectory Tithes, by Norman G. Evans (17th – 19th c.) View ...
  • Little Sutton in 1569, by Roger Lea View ...
  • Probate Records of the Early Seventeenth Century, by Gene Hetherington View ...
  • Minutes of the Park Estates and Building Committee 1880-94, by Betty May View ...
  • Walmley Schools: Warden and Society Minutes 1822-29, by Robert Pritchard View ...

Proceedings: Volume 2 (Published Summer 1993)

  • Marchmount House (Wylde Green), by Alan Howells (19th c.)
  • Vesey Cottage at St Peter’s, Maney, by A.F. Fentiman (16th - 19th c.)
  • The Mount, Reddicap Hill, Sutton Coldfield, by Janet Jordan (20th c.)
  • The Adventures of a Novice in the Local History Wonderland, by Betty May (re An old cottage  in Boldmere 19thc.)
  • The Hayward Family, by Keith Jordan (19th c.)
  • The “Old Sun” Public House, by Kate Kendall (17th – 20th c.)
  • Sutton Coldfield Churchyard; the old Boundaries,  by Norman G. Evans (15th c. onwards)
  • Geoffrey de Warmelegh, by Robert Pritchard (13th c.)
  • Sutton Coldfield Fire Brigade, by Fred Waite (19th c.)
  • The Adderley Family of Hams Hall, by Ethel M. Pritchard (16th/17th c.)
  • Maney Windmill, by Ken Williams (14th c.)

Proceedings: Volume 3 (Published Spring 1994)

  • Henry Brindley, Hairdresser, by Mike Hinson (19th c)
  • Charles Adams and Reddicap Hill, by Janet Jordan (19th c.)
  • The Butler Family, 1891-1927, by Keith Jordan
  • The Railway Line through Sutton Park, by David Bramham (19th c.)
  • Offences in the Park, by Betty May (19th/20th c.)
  • That Hideous Terrace, by Roger Lea (re Lower Parade Area – 19th c.)
  • Behind the Parade, by Janet Lillywhite (The Development of Victoria Road, Newhall Street, Queen Street and Holland Street – 19th c.)
  • The Gibbons and Sacheverells at New Hall, by Albert Fentiman (15th – 18th c)
  • A Look at Falcon Lodge, by Marian Baxter (19th/20th c.)

Proceedings: Volume 4 (Published Spring 1997)

  • Discovering Holbeche, by Janet Jordan (19th c.)
  • The Relief of Sutton’s Poor, by Mike Hinson (15th – 19th c.)
  • History of Gas in Sutton Coldfield by Alan Howells (19th c.)
  • Notes on the Fee Farm Rent by A.F. Fentiman (16th c – 19th c.)
  • Canwell in the 18th and 19th Centuries by Michael Vowles
  • A 17th Century Sutton Coldfield Glossary, by Gene Hetherington and Jim May
  • War-Time Sutton – extracts from the Diaries of Gwilym O. Griffith, by Gwenda Pick

Proceedings: Volume 5 (Published Autumn 1999)

  • The Relief of Sutton’s Poor, Part II, by Mike Hinson (19th c.)
  • A Petition of 1683, by Jim May and Roger Lea
  • The Aylesford Collection by Albert Fentiman
  • Fifteenth Century Sutton from the Bailiff’s Accounts by Anne-Marie Powell and Roger Lea

Proceedings: Volume 6 (Published Autumn 2001)

  • Sutton’s Famous Organist by Norman Granville Evans (re: Dr John Alcock – 18th c.)
  • Walmley Ash Lane, by Barbara Webb (19th c.)
  • Racecourses in Sutton Park, by Mike Hinson (19th c.)
  • Tudor Road – an early history, by Richard Morris (19th/20th c.)
  • Application for a Blue Plaque for Lieutenant Colonel Richard Holbeche, by Janet Jordan (19th c.)
  • Wylde Green Farm, by Alan Howells (18th – 20th c.)
  • Sutton Coldfield in 1416 – a thriving town? by Roger Lea

Proceedings: Volume 7 (Published Summer 2004)

  • Kersey and other cloths woven in Sutton Coldfield, by Albert Fentiman, (16th – 19th c.)
  • Village Greens in Sutton Coldfield, by Roger Lea (prior to Enclosure)
  • The Last Surviving Tollhouse in Birmingham, by Roy Billingham (18th/19thc.)
  • Richard Holbeche – Letters from India, by Janet Jordan (19th c.)
  • Great Grandad’s Army – the Loss of the Rifle Range, by Mike Hinson (19th c.)
  • Electricity comes to Sutton Coldfield, 1901, by Alan Howells

Proceedings: Volume 8 (Published Autumn 2007)

  • The History of Reddicap Heath, by Janet Jordan (Bronze Age to 21st c.)

Proceedings: Volume 9 Full Colour Edition (Published Spring 2009)

  • A Bit of a Gamble, by Janet Jordan (19th c.)
  • Great Grandad’s Army–2: Home by Christmas by Mike Hinson (19th – 20th c.)
  • The Background to the Sacheverel Riots of 1714 and 1715 in Birmingham and the Sutton Coldfield Connection, by Roy Billingham (18th c.)
  • The Whorwoods, by Jim Whorwood (16th c. to date)
  • The Cottage at 144 Birmingham Road, Wylde Green, by Alan Howells (18th c)
  • Historic Building Features at 1 High Street, by Roger Lea (17th to 20th c.)
  • Sutton in the Civil War, by Roger Lea (17th c.)

Proceedings: Volume 10 (Published Autumn 2012)

  • Wylde Green House, by Alan Howells (17th c. - 20thc.)
  • Late nineteenth century military archaeology in Sutton Park's Longmoor Valley, by Roy Billingham
  • Great Grandad's Army - 3 - Pals in the Park, by Mike Hinson (WWI)
  • Eco-warriors invade the Sutton Coldfield Area, by Keith Jordan (1980 - 1998)
  • Midland Red omnibuses in the Borough, by Roy Billingham (1913 to early 1920s)
  • Sutton Coldfield Railway Embankment in the 1860s, by Janet Jordan
  • The Poplars, 204 Birmingham Road, by Alan Howells (19th c. - present day)
  • Building History at 30 High Street, by R. Lea and A. Howells (18th c. - present day)
  • Sutton Park's  Heathland Archaeology, by Roy Billingham

Proceedings: Volume 11 (Published Summer 2013)

  • Dr George Bodington,  A Victorian physician ahead of his times, by Andrew MacFarlane (1799-1882)
  • 'Chalford', Belwell Lane - A history of the house and its owners,  Chapter 1. - Edward Hill James & Family,  by Keith Jordan (1827-2009)

Proceedings: Volume 12 (Published Spring 2015)

  • Housing Development in the Borough of Sutton Coldfield, as shown in the Annual Reports of the Medical Officer of Health, by Janet Lillywhite
  • Slipper Baths, by Don McCollam
  • 'Oakhurst' - the Changing Fortunes of a Family Home, by Christine Lea
  • Sutton Park Archaeology: unraveling a Complex of Ground Disturbances, by Roy Billingham
  • The First World War, 1914-18, by Alan Howells
  • William Felton Senior and William Felton Junior, Schoolmasters of nineteenth century Sutton Coldfield, by Janet Jordan
  • The Silent Films of 1923 shown at the Empress cinema, Sutton Coldfield, by Don McCollam
  • The Roads through the Woods: historic routes in Sutton Park, by Mike Hodder
  • Domestic Service in Anchorage Road, by Janet Lillywhite

Proceedings: Volume 13 (Published Spring 2017)

  • 'Bridlemere', Maney Hill Road, by Janet Jordan
  • Pools, ponds and watery landscapes in Sutton Coldfield, by Mike Hodder
  • The comments of a 19th century cleric about Sutton Park and other local observations, by Roy Billingham
  • The History of Sutton's Workhouse: 1737-1903, by Mike Hinson
  • Midland Lodge, Sutton Park: A history of the building with details of its architecture, by Roy Billingham
  • Hangings and Highwaymen (around Sutton Coldfield), by Janet Jordan
  • Directory of the Parade, 1901, 1908 and 1911, by Don McCollam