Corn Rent and Enclosure Map

Corn Rent and Enclosure Book

(This is the large green book kept in the Local Studies Section of Sutton Coldfield Library)

The front half of the book with pages Numbered 1 to 8 contains maps relating to the Enclosure Award (1851) and deals with the waste and common land that was awarded to landowners.

 The rear half of the book with pages Numbered 1 to 8 contains maps relating to the Corn Rent (1824).  These pages equate to the same page in the Enclosure Award section.


Using the Enclosure Award Maps (front pages)

Make a note of the field number and use in conjunction with a slim brown book known as the Enclosure Award Schedule Sutton Coldfield (Sutton Coldfield Library Reference: BCOLQ.333.20942496WED). This is an extract from the very large Enclosure Award Book which is kept in a display cabinet in the Local History section of the library. This lists the Owners and Exchanges of land.  (See also The Enclosure Award Conservation 2005)


Using the Corn Rent Maps (rear pages)

Make a note of the field number in the Corn Rent section.  Then go to the Corn Rent Schedule Book (Ref: BCOLQ333.20942496LEA) which will give the Owner/Occupier/Description

The Sutton Coldfield Local History Group acknowledge with thanks the Sutton Coldfield Library for allowing them to include photos of the maps referred to herein on the Group’s website ( Photos of the two ancillary books referred to are also included.


History of the Maps


An Enclosure Act was passed in 1824 which allowed enclosure of the commons and waste, draining, road making and fencing. However, it was necessary to know who currently owned the land in Sutton Coldfield and for this the Corn Rent Map was prepared with a Schedule of the Owners, Occupiers and Field Names.


The Enclosure Award that followed was quite a complicated exercise which involved exchange or sales of land.  The newly enclosed commons and waste were divided between the landowners, amongst whom the Corporation received land in lieu of its manorial rights and the Rector received land in lieu of his tithe.  The Enclosure Award of 1851 and its Schedule are the record of the new Owners and any exchange of land.