M42, p24v10,

M6 (Toll) Motorway, p24v7, p26v10,

M6, p24v10,

MacFarlane, Andrew, p1v11,

Machin, Charles, p9v1,

MacKay, Hannah, p8v11,

Macquarie Bank of Australia, p24v10,

Madagascar, p29v1, p31v1,

madder, p6v7,

Maddocks, George, p73v12,

Madoc Street, 25, p48v12,

Madock, David, p51v5,

Madras, p44v12,

Maeer, Mr, p52v8,

Magdalen College, p17v9, p18v9, p24v9, p3v11,

magistrate, p26v9,

Magistrates Court, p11v4,

magpies, p19v13,

Maiden Hurdle Race, p24v6,

Main Post, p80v2, p86v2,

Majuba Hill, p6v9,

malle-post, p23v13,

Malt House, the, p59v2, p60v2,

Malvern, p19v10, p17v13,

manacles, p16v11, p21v11,

Management Committee, p18v12,

Managing Director, p12v12,

Manchester, p37v4, p86v4,

Mandalay, p37v6,

Maney and the Wild, p38v1, p46v5, p49v6, p14v7, p59v9, p30v13,

Maney Corner, p7v11,

Maney Farm, p9v2, p10v2,

Maney Hill Lane, p1v13, p5v13,

Maney Hill Road, No. 22, p10v13,

Maney Hill Road, Nos 20 & 22, p1v13,

Maney Hill Road, p14v7, p21v10, p1v13, p7v13,

Maney Hill, p61v2, p82v2, p83v2, p84v2, p85v2, p87v2, p83v4, p32v5, p5v13,

Maney Post Mill, p87v2,

Maney Quarter, p14v5,

Maney Windmill, p80v2, p81v2, p86v2,

Maney, hamlet of, p55v9,

Maney, p62v1, p8v2, p9v2, p10v2, p25v2, p30v2, p31v2, p80v2, p82v2, p83v2, p84v2, p85v2, p23v4, p26v5, p28v5, p31v5, p43v6, p50v6, p6v7, p14v7, p15v7, p43v8, p48v9, p58v9, p59v9, p4v10, p43v10, p7v11, p5v13,

Maney, rural, p1v13,

mania, p17v11, p20v11,

mania, severe, p21v11,

Manitoba, p42v12,

Manley, John, p56v4,

Manod, P, p26v9,

Manor and Park, p65v10,

Manor Drive, p24v11,

Manor Hill, p32v2, p56v2, p58v2, p60v2, p33v5, p7v8, p38v10, p39v10, p40v10, p12v13, p13v13,

Manor House, p32v2, p56v2, p58v2, p28v5, p33v5, p37v5, p40v5, p47v5, p10v8, p60v12,

Manor of Sutton, p45v4,

Manor Road Bridge, p39v10,

Manor Road p53v3, p49v7, p39v10, p40v10, p50v11, p71v11, p9v12,

Manorial Court Book 1548-1617, p9v2,

Manorial Farm, p40v13,

mantles, gas, p59v8,

manufacturer, brick and tile, p67v12,

manufacturer, electro-plated ware, p50v10, p72v12,

manufacturer, gas stove and grate, p70v12,

manufacturer, harness and bridle, p66v12,

manufacturer, jet jewellery, p72v12,

manufacturer, nut and bolt, p73v12,

March Marigolds, p28v8,

March, Joseph, p6v2,

Marchington, Vicar of, p34v11,

Marchmount House, p1v2, p2v2, p3v2, p6v2, p7v2,

Marchmount Road, p7v2,

Mare Field, p13v7,

Margaret Street, p54v11,

Margetts, John, p25v6,

Market Hall, the, p82v4,

Market Harborough, p61v11,

market town, small, p38v13,

marl pits, p45v6,

marl, extraction of, p12v13,

marl, p37v13,

marl, red, p45v9,

Marlborough Grammar School, p17v9,

Marlborough, Duke of, p16v9,

Marlborough, p17v9,

Marlpit Hall and Farm, p23v1,

Marlpit Hall, p25v1, p45v1,

Marlpit Lane, p17v1, p45v1, p13v7,

Marne cottages, p15v6,

marquee, p8v10,

marquees, large, p17v10,

Marquis of Granby, the, p21v13,

Marr, Peter, p1v6, p3v6,

Marsh, Lucy, p44v11,

Marston, Charles, p66v3,

Marston, the Widow, p33v13,

Martin and Chamberlain, p54v11,

Martin, Ann, p5v1,

Martin, Charles, p5v1,

Martin, James, p5v1, p7v1, p3v5,

Martin, Joseph, p5v1, p7v1,

Martin, Maria, p7v1,

Martin, Mrs, p4v10, p69v12,

Martin, Thomas, p5v1, p9v6,

Martin, William, p5v1, p7v1,

Martini Henry rifle, p33v7,

Marven Mrs E, p73v3,

Mary Ashford’s grave, p54v2,

Mary of Modena, p15v9,

Mary Stuart, p16v9,

Maryvale Roman Catholic College, p16v13, p17v13, p18v13,

mashing tub, p72v4,

Maslin, p72v4,

Mason, Adonarius, p54v6,

Mason, Joseph, p14v5,

Mason, Thomas, p54v6,

Masonic Buildings, p54v7,

Masonic Hall, p34v1, p66v2, p38v7, p40v13, p44v13,

master tailor, p43v11,

mater, p29v7,

Maternity and Child Care Committee, p12v12, p16v12,

Maternity and Child Welfare Centre, p16v12,

Maternity Home, Municipal, p16v12,

Maternity Home, p16v12, p17v12, p18v12,

maternity leave, p74v12,

Maths, p46v12,

matron, p19v11,

Matthews, John, p66v12, p69v12, p70v12,

Matthews, Mary, p18v11,

Matthews, William, p33v3,

Mattok, William, p31v5,

Mavesyn Ridware, p38v9,

Maxstoke Castle, p43v5,

Maxstoke, p62v9,

May, Betty, p57v1, p25v2, p51v3,

May, Jim, p69v4, p12v5,

Maycock & Co. p35v2,

Maycock & Hayward, p32v2, p35v2,

Maycock, Bernard Joseph, p35v2,

Maycok, William, p54v6,

Mayor, p68v2, p45v13,

Mayor’s Cottage, the, p52v13,

Mayoress, p70v2,

McCollom, Don, p6v12, p53v12, p80v13,

McLean, Dr. W, p8v9,

McPherson, James Albert, p48v12,

Meaby, George, p41v13,

meadow pipets, p20v13,

Meadow Platt, p62v10, p60v12, p62v12, p57v13,

measles, p3v12,

Meason, Maud, p7v2,

meat company, p12v12,

Medical Board, p18v12,

Medical Officer for Health 16th February 1946, Report of the, p9v12,

medical practitioners, local, p18v12,

medicine, history of, p5v11,

medieval, p12v13,

Meele, p73v4,

MEL, p24v10, p25v10,

Melancholia, p17v11,

Mellor Bart, Sir John, p58v2,

Melton Cloth, p1v7,

Memoirs of Francis Kerril Amherst, D.D., Lord Bishop of

Northampton, p16v13,

memorial plaque, p13v11,

memorial tablet, white marble, p13v9,

Mental Health Training Centre, Adult, p19v12, p22v12,

mental illness, p14v11,

mental panic, p21v11,

mercers, p14v5,

merchant, wholesale wine and brandy, p17v13,

Mercian Kings, p5v8, p7v8,

mercury, p5v11,

Mere Green Road, p47v1,

Mere Green, p43v1, p45v1, p58v3, p43v4, p50v4, p12v7, p13v7, p56v7, p8v9, p33v10, p36v10, p74v12, p3v13, p40v13,

Mere Pool, p13v7,

Meredith, John, p3v10, p4v10,

Meredith, Mr, p77v13,

Meriden, p51v12,

Merrifield, Private E, p7v9,

Merriman, Sergeant, p10v9,

Merrions Wood Lodge, p50v13,

Merryweather & Son, p70v2,

Merryweather Steamer, p47v8,

Mesopotamia, p85v4,

mess tins, p18v10,

Messager, Agnes, p54v6,

messuage, p73v4, p3v9,

metalworkers, p28v9,

Methley, Arthur, p60v8,

Methodist Chapel, p12v12,

Methodist Society Steward, p4v13,

Metro Lunacy Commissioners, p17v11,

Michaelmas, p31v13,

microbiologist, p10v11,

Middle Ages, p11v7, p1v10, p40v11,

middle class, p66v12,

Middle Maney Field, p28v5,

Middlesborough, p34v3, p24v11,

Middlesex, p22v11, p61v11, p51v12,

Middleton Estate, p62v9,

Middleton Hall, p22v5 p41v9,

Middleton Papers, p49v6,

Middleton parish officer, p34v13,

Middleton Shop, p12v3,

Middleton, John, p68v12,

Middleton, Lord, p41v9,

Middleton, p24v4, p49v5, p41v9, p59v9, p62v9,

Middleton, p34v13,

Midgley Drive, p62v11,

Midgley, W, p28v11, p30v11,

Midgley, William, ‘A Short History of the Town and Chase of Sutton Coldfield’, p62v12,

Midland ‘Red’ buses, p36v10,

Midland ‘Red’ route map, p36v10,

Midland ‘Red’ route numbers, p36v10,

Midland ‘Red’, p35v10, p36v10,

Midland and South Stafford, p46v13,

Midland and South Staffordshire, p46v13,

Midland Bank, p56v2,

Midland Counties, p8v12,

Midland Expressway Limited, p24v10, p27v10,

Midland Fire Brigade Association, p66v2,

Midland Gate, p45v13, p48v13, p49v13, p50v13, p51v13, p53v13, p54v13,

Midland Lodge, p45v13, p46v13, p48v13, p49v13, p50v13, p52v13, p54v13, p55v13, p57v13, p60v13, p61v13, p62v13, p63v13, p64v13, p65v13, p66v13,

Midland Motor Omnibus Co., p58v8,

Midland Railway Bridge, p60v2,

Midland Railway Company, p29v11, p45v13, p47v13, p49v13, p50v13, p52v13, p53v13, p54v13,

Midland Railway Goods Station, p49v11,

Midland Railway line, p61v10, p52v13,

Midland Railway, p32v3, p34v3, p39v3, p24v6, p43v6, p28v11, p19v13, p46v13,

Midland Road, p45v13, p49v13, p51v13, p52v13, p53v13,

Midlands and Handsworth Hospital, the, p41v12,

Midlands, the, p20v6, p15v9, p22v9, p28v9, p12v10, p41v12, p54v12, p70v12, p72v12, p56v13,

midshipman, p20v11,

Midsummer, p43v12,

Mid-Victorian, p33v11,

mild anodynes, p5v11,

Milford Haven, p64v11,

Military Convalescent Camp, p22v10,

Military Ornament Maker, p1v2,

Military roadway, p8v10,

Militia Ordinance, p58v9,

militia, p5v9, p6v9, p7v9,

Militia, the, p37v7,

Milking Gate, p33v12,

milking parlour, p21v11,

Mill Deed of 1533, p52v6,

mill pool, p51v2, p54v3, p13v4, p13v13,

Mill Street, p33v1, p34v1, p38v1, p45v2, p47v2, p53v2, p56v2, p66v2, p54v3, p55v3, p13v4, p21v4, p27v4, p37v4, p39v4, p31v5, p38v7, p49v7, p52v7, p54v7, p47v8, p40v9, p17v10, p34v10, p40v10, p28v11, p45v12, p46v12, p28v13, p40v13, p41v13, p43v13,

Mill Street, p42v13,

mill, corn, p6v7,

mill, fulling, p6v7,

mill, leather dressing, p18v13,

mill, p18v13,

Millemore, p28v5,

miller, p81v2, p54v3, p33v5, p49v6,

millers, p85v2, p14v5,

milliners, p60v11,

milling, p2v7, p6v7,

millpools, p65v12,

Mills, George, p22v7,

Mills, Harry, p66v12, p68v12,

millstone, p84v2, p14v13,

millstones, p85v2,

Milne, Miss L. p7v13,

Milward, Mr, p34v3,

Milward, Richard, p32v5, p33v5,

Milward, Robert, p32v5,

mine owner, p38v3,

Mineral Water Factory, p69v3, p71v3, p72v3,

Minister of Health, p82v3,

Minister of War, p13v10,

Ministry of Health, p15v12,

Ministry of Information, p78v4,

Ministry of Supply, p16v12,

Ministry of Works, p82v3,

Minorca, p24v9,

Minutes of the Park and Estates & Buildings Committee dated 22nd October 1945, p16v12,

Minutes of the Park and Estates & Buildings Committee, p28v2,

Minworth Greaves, p17v7, p58v9,

Minworth sewage works, p29v5,

Minworth workhouse, p40v13,

Minworth, p5v1, p7v1, p76v2, p26v4, p33v4, p2v5, p3v5, p5v5, p10v5, p41v5, p42v5, p4v6, p9v6, p50v6, p4v7, p17v7, p31v11, p39v13,

Miskin of mock, p73v4,

Moat House, p70v2, p46v4,

moat, double, p12v13,

moat, p13v13, p14v13,

moated sites, p12v13,

moats, p12v13,

mock timber framing, p55v13,

mock timber-framed patterns, p57v13, p58v13,

Monamania, p20v11,

Monday market, p55v9,

Moneymore Cottages, p26v10,

Moneymore House, p26v10,

Moneymore, p31v10,

monks, p27v13,

Monmouth Drive, p13v1,

Monod, p23v9, p28v9, p31v9, p32v9,

Monomania, p17v11,

Mons, Battle of, p12v10,

Moor and Ashfurlong Quarter, p58v9, p59v9, p62v9,

Moor and Ashfurlong, p30v13,

Moor Hall Farm, p47v1, p8v2, p28v5,

Moor Hall Park, p45v1, p47v1, p20v6,

Moor Hall School, p14v7,

Moor Hall, p18v1, p13v5, p22v5, p32v5, p21v6, p36v8, p58v9, p63v9, p1v10,

Moor Quarter, p14v5,

Moor Street, p29v9, p47v11,

Moore, Amy, p51v10,

Moore, George, p51v10,

Moore, Majorie, p51v10,

Moore, p38v1,

Moore, parish of, p11v1,

Moorland Cottage, p36v8,

Moorland Cottages, p24v8,

Moot Hall, New, p41v13,

Moot Hall, Old, p41v13,

Moot Hall, p34v1, p62v1, p56v2, p3v3, p37v4, p39v4, p1v7, p27v11, p28v11, p40v13, p43v13,

Moral Insanity, p17v11,

morass, p12v13,

More and Ashfurlong, p46v5,

More, Alice, p48v5,

More, John, p54v6,

Moreton-in-Marsh, p35v9,

Morley, p76v3, p25v9,

morphine, p6v11,

Morris, Joseph, p4v6,

Morris, Richard, p30v6,

mortar, lime, p44v9, p45v9,

mortice slots, p44v9, p45v9,

Mortuary, p6v12, p9v12,

mosaic floor, Edwardian, p6v13,

Moseley College, p15v10,

Moseley, p36v6, p40v7, p69v12,

Moss, Councillor W, p8v12,

moss, sphagnum, p22v10,

mother, expectant, p35v13,

mothers, unmarried, p34v13,

motor, electric traction, p34v10,

motor, four-cylinder, p34v10,

mounds, burnt, p4v8, p60v10,

mounds, earth, p60v10,

mounds, linear, p37v12,

mounds, p34v12, p36v12, p37v12,

Mount, the, p60v8,

Mountain, Sarah Ann, p22v13,

mowers, cylindrical lawn, p6v7,

Muffin’s Den, p14v7, p76v13,

Muggleford, Thomas, p55v5,

Muir, Sir William, p31v7,

Mullemore, p26v5,

Mullin bridle, p73v4,

mullions, moulded, p51v9,

Mulroy Road, p13v12, p14v12, p20v12,

Mulward, Richard, p54v6,

Muncorne, p73v4,

Municipal Borough, p1v12,

Municipal Charities, Trustee of the, p32v2,

Municipal Charities, Trustees of the, p82v3,

Municipal Charter, p28v11,

Municipal Corporation Act, 1882, p33v11,

Municipalisation Charter, p47v13,

Murdoch 1754-1839, William, p28v4.

Murray, Mr, p32v6,

musical instrument repairer, p4v3,

musician, p4v3,

musk rats, p32v7,

Musketry Regulations 1894, p44v7,

Musketry, Deputy Inspector of, p44v7,

Musketry, Inspector of, p44v7, p10v10,

Musketry, Instructor of, p36v6, p37v6,

musketry, p26v7,

Mustardmaker, Symon, p54v6,

Muster Roll, p40v7,

Mutual Aid and Protection of Servants, Society of, p68v12,

Myingyan, p37v6,

Myring Place, p39v8,