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Our brother Martin died.


Charles Smith exchanged his caravan for a coach running four days a week - fare 4/- inside and 2/6 out; to see the coach start was the event of the morning, and what an event to go!!!


Mr Hacket of Moor Hall married Miss Horton, a grand event for the parish, on which we as children calculated on still greater advantage to ourselves and nor were we disappointed for from Mr and Mrs Hacket amonated (emanated) our many pleasures and liberal gifts.


Our Home sold; great tribulation and many tears. Mrs Bracken and four daughters came to reside in Mrs Duncomb's House.


Mr Hacket re-elected Warden


Mr Webb died. Mr Barker succeeded as Master of the Grammar School.


We removed to our new house and on the 16th I went there first from school, and gathered the peas and strawberries which, according to custom, were always had on my Mother's birthday.

Nov 2

Mr Hacket Warden for the third time. (grt triumph)

*** Cath - see next year born Nov 4.


The dreadful tragedy of Mary Ashford's murder made notorious when "Wager of battle" was abolished (see guide Pg 5 and Mr Eccleston's Introduction to English Antiquities P38).

Nov 2nd

The friend of our childhood who gave us roasted potatoes for supper, received us when we were naughty, begged off punishment and rewarded us for not crying when we were dipped into a tub of cold water under the pump within his hearing, was "made Warden" to our great joy, what various recollections of the past rise up, his present to me on going to school, the work box given to Gerty, my mother's letter in it, and many other remembrances of Mr Nicholson.