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Letter from Aston Union

2nd March 1848

Dear Sir

I am instructed by the Board of Guardians to furnish the family of their lamented Chairman with the annexed copy of an entry on their minutes recording his death.

Will you have the goodness to present it to the other ???

Two illustrations masking writing underneath

Silouette of Aemillian

Photo of Mr Douglas with the wording "Left in 1848. Now Vicar of Mathon, Worcester)"

(Extract from the Guardians Minute Book)

"In recording the death of their late Chairman Thomas Holbeche Esquire, the Members of the Board cannot permit the event to pass without expressing deep regret at the loss they have sustained."

It is a pleasing satisfaction to the Board to call to mind the friendly assistance and cooperation of their late Chairman during a period of nearly seven years in which he officiated in that capacity, and they feel called upon to advert to the remarkable punctuality with which he added the meetings of the Board, the Minute Book recording only an average absence from four meetings annually during a period of more than eleven years".