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Mr Colmore bought Ashfurlong and came in March.

Messrs and Miss Bamford succeeded Mr Eddowes.


Repository - Mr Honey's Lecture on Cromwell proceeds 1£ 7s 0d - and result 32£


Flower Show - (not a success).

Part of a newscutting appears on Page 54 about this flower show, mentioning Miss Holbeche (this would be Sarah, as the eldest daughter was always referred to as Miss, rather than by her Christian name)


Edward left home - for a life on the Ocean Wave. May God protect our Sailor boy. Miss Webb died - surpassed by none in her generation for good works and kind actions - succeeded by her nephew TV Webb Esq and not forgetting her old friends.


Old Mrs Smith at the shop burnt to death, found by Mrs Wilson as she came here to wash.


Mrs Bamford died

Mr Jerome died leaving his property to his brother.

Nov 2

Mr Chavasse - Warden

Stonehoue died, his son the puny boy whose life under God my Mother saved, succeeded him as Beadle.

Dec 14

Prince Consort died universal sympathy

Photo (of Prince Consort?)

Christmas Card