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Nov 2

2 Mr Colmore - again elected.


Final explosion of Kellite conspiracy (p101).


Fair day - not a head of cattle - consequence of the cattle plague. "Walking" left of wimply proclaimed from Town Hall. The veterans of the halberds gone and insted of blue noses, swinging of arms to warm the hands; and pea soup of former days; roses and geraniums, and open window pleasant.


Ritualism became an excitement and serious matter, not to end here, recalling my school day doubts.


Shooting stars .......see below

Large Newscutting regarding a 'Grand Meteoric Shower'

Meat 9 + 10 per lb

Bread 8 a loaf.


Robert Fowler preached - what difficulties he has surmounted, I helped him (means) to pay his ordination fees. Now he can help - as he has been helped.

My Brass up at last and that not without difficulties, but right prevails, stick steadily to it (see next page 103)

Dec 5

Mrs G. Brentnall after long and trying illness died, long prepared and ready to go, she did her duty well to God and man. Many have cause to bless her.

Photo of Mrs Brentnall or Sophy Beach?

Another day and another old neighbour gone from us, poor Sophy Beach is dead, my last recollection not a happy one but she had been excited by those who sh'd make peace, not sow discord - Harvest decorations had been used to stir up bigotry - and tempers.


Ladies in their wisdom of 7 to 5 decided that Wm Bailis of Sutton and Miss Baylis atMoseley should have the care of the linen for Lying in Women. Mrs Eddowes, Mrs Holbeche, Mrs Addenbrooke, Mrs Kempson, Miss and Miss Holbeche the honourable minority. So much for a majority - know much or little.

Mr and Mrs Elkins took possession of their Mamas property, vacated by Mrs Parkes - he a retired draper from Droitwich.


Mr Albert Smith as Secretary preached for the National Society


Mr Hiersh left.


Free School Ex(am). Honourable mention made of poor Aemilion whose long illness keeps him away from school.

H Addenbrook had a prize.

Newscutting re Black Root Pool