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2 Newscuttings about the value of the benefice of Sutton



How shall rise the coming Xmas morn? Was in poor Vincent's mind this time last year - before the day ended the question was solved. A year has passed, some difficulties overcome, others less distressing. Children are well, push forward, in their various lines of life, and promising to do well. God has given Emma good sense and judgement and she uses it in wisdom

Photo of Emma Holbeche (Richard's mother) and one of her girls (either Gertrude or Edith)

Therefore we have many memories to look back upon, on her account anxieties must be her lot; fine sons (must) one or other, always cause hope and fear; my own early days are fondly recalled, 8 brothers, 6 of whom caused many a distress, may she be upheld under hers.


A wonderfully mild Christmas day. Two full services - Church decorated and text in wadding beautifully executed and chosen as usual by Miss Bodington (the cross - requested might not appear - by Mr Newman.)

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