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May 26 and 27

Weather unfavourable for the so called Repository

Newscutting - repository £50

June 6

By my request Miss Riland prayed for.


Mrs Hearnshaw died for some years letter carrier and old inhabitant, much respected.

Photo of Mrs Hearnshaw?

Newscutting - Cole's Royal Promenade Gardens

Newscuttings re Botanical Gardens, Edgbaston

Newscutting re Boating and Fishing on Park Pools

Quite true, the 40 acres - now so converted - was swampy almost useless ground eighteen months ago - now planted, drained, and laid out in broad handsome walks; banks, lakes, streams, vases, statues, bandstand, and large room capable for all purposes required.

Knibbs boats conspicuous. On this my first visit I was mute with astonishment. A Sutton Vauxhall!!! Our Old Sutton no longer A vulgar suburb to a large town - What next?

Newscutting - death of Lucy Riland aged 93 - dau of Rv John Riland. Photo of her.

Photo of Miss Riland

Full of years and good works, died this good old lady, released from apparent suffering to take her "crown", she had long lived in the hope and contemplation of Heaven a Christian, simple, single minded woman who loved God, and Christ - and, in the Godhead loved all mankind - Brain disorder in its terribleness for a fortnight was distressing, but who can doubt that death is swallowed up in Victory. She had outlived her generation, and the last of her (family), in youth had been {indecipherable text} religious, notable of the {indecipherable text} Peatt, Scott & Newton.


Mrs Roskell brave in {indecipherable text} with Miss Eccleston came so soon does the tide {indecipherable text} see Pg 37 on the same day the death of Mrs Barker - Pg 27

Newscutting Mrs Barker death


Miss Riland buried in Mr Mendham's vault.


Gratifying intelligence from Richard - promotion in the College a proof of merit and good conduct.

Newscutting re Exams for admission to Sandhurst

Newscutting - funds for reseating of the church