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August 9th

Vestry Meeting again and some way {indecipherable text} this time. "The faculty being a difficulty (the)   Church Wardens have parish authority to apply to the Bishop as to repewing the body of the Church.

Miss Riland's house said to be sold to Mr Jerome who is to build for Mr Bedford's tennancy and thus to become the Rectory in the Town.

New Bell Tower on Romish Chapel; Tang, Tong all day!


Bracebridge Pool bought by the Corporation.


Dr G.F. Bodington's Brass plate on Wood's door for general practice.

27 & 28



Failure!! - "Oh how hot!"

The Rector's scheme no go, His, and Mr Jerome's not according, or, rather, discording on practise.

September 1st

Giles' rick burnt, our pump held out well.


Poor old Mrs Vincent Musson (?) died, verdict natural death, violence feared to have caused it, and proof that the young husband had beaten the old wife.


The Revd F. Goddard declared Parish Clerk ----- James Stonehouse (published as Mr Goddard's deputy)


New Curate - Rev H. Nash appeared, and {indecipherable text} Parish Magazine again.


   that Mr Hodgson has bought Miss Riland's house - what changes!!!

Newscutting re Races

Newscutting re Workhouse Meadows -


Two badges - one for Church Congress Liverpool 1869 and one for Wolverhampton Congress 1867