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Thomas Clifton of Sutton Coldfield, died 1684, by Jim May

The Medieval Landscape of Sutton Coldfield, by Roger Lea

The Domesday Book Entry for Sutton Coldfield, by Roger Lea

Seeking Signs of Former Times in Sutton Park, by Norman Evans

Holy Trinity Parish Church, Sutton Coldfield, by Andrew MacFarlane

The Prehistoric and Roman Periods in the Sutton Coldfield Area, by Michael Hodder

Langley Water Mill, by Ken Williams

Wills and Inventories, by Gene Hetherington

A Healthy Town? - Observations on burials, by Honor and Clifford Parsons

The Origins of the Elementary School System in Sutton Coldfield, by Derek Redwood

The Anchorage Road Estate: Late 19th Century Residential Development in Sutton Coldfield, by Janet Lillywhite

The Early Years of the Sutton Coldfield Volunteer Fire Brigade, 1886-1907, by David Chubb

Early Days on the Parade, by Marian Frankling