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It is here at the top of Trinity Hill, where it meets Coleshill Street and Rectory Road that the characters of these tales came into being. Up there, I 'saw' Aethel, the young Anglo Saxon girl, trudging up the hill with her buckets of water.  So deep is the path now that it is hard to imagine it as a track, leading down to the causeway crossing the marshlands of 'Sutone' over a thousand years ago. Elizabeth, too, I sensed, dying alone in her little cottage behind the church, as a result of the extreme poverty that beset so many in the 15th century.  And George, always young at heart, I 'heard' rather than saw, as he drove his old Bentley coughing and spluttering along Coleshill Street.

These and many more will be seen to dovetail their lives into events that I know took place over the centuries.  I found dwelling places for them all, some known to have existed, others simply educated guesses. I hope you will gain pleasure from reading their stories and find it hard to believe that actually the characters really didn't exist!