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The document includes the following papers:

  • Marchmount House (Wylde Green), by Alan Howells (19th c.)
  • Vesey Cottage at St Peter’s, Maney, by A.F. Fentiman (16th  - 19th  c.)
  • The Mount, Reddicap Hill, Sutton Coldfield, by Janet Jordan (20th c.)
  • The Adventures of a Novice in the Local History Wonderland, by Betty May
    (re An old cottage  in Boldmere 19th c.)
  • The Hayward Family, by Keith Jordan (19th c.)
  • The “Old Sun” Public House, by Kate Kendall (17th – 20th c.)
  • Sutton Coldfield Churchyard; the old Boundaries, by Norman G. Evans (15th c. onwards)
  • Geoffrey de Warmelegh, by Robert Pritchard (13th c.)
  • Sutton Coldfield Fire Brigade, by Fred Waite (19th c.)
  • The Adderley Family of Hams Hall, by Ethel M. Pritchard (16th/17th c.)
  • Maney Windmill, by Ken Williams (14th c.)