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The document includes the following papers:

  • Two houses in Penns Lane, by Jim May (19th c.)
  • Eight views of Boldmere: Illustrations for a history of Boldmere, by Ken Williams (18th/19th c.)
  • Early Enclosure movements in Sutton Coldfield, by Janet Lillywhite (18th/19th c.)
  • Captain Walter Peyton and his voyages, by A.F. Fentiman (17th c.)
  • The Royal Oak, by K.M. Kendall (19th c.)
  • Sutton Coldfield Rectory Tithes, by Norman G. Evans (17th - 19th c.)
  • Little Sutton  in 1569, by Roger Lea
  • Probate Records of the Early Seventeenth Century, by Gene Hetherington
  • Minutes of the Park Estates and Building Committee 1880-94, by Betty May
  • Walmley Schools: Warden and Society Minutes 1822-29, by Robert Pritchard