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The document includes the following papers:
  • A Bit of a Gamble, by Janet Jordan (19th c.)
  • Great Grandad’s Army–2: Home by Christmas by Mike Hinson (19th – 20th c.)
  • The Background to the Sacheverel Riots of 1714 and 1715 in Birmingham and the Sutton Coldfield Connection, by Roy Billingham (18th c.)
  • The Whorwoods, by Jim Whorwood (16th c. to date)
  • The Cottage at 144 Birmingham Road, Wylde Green, by Alan Howells (18th c)
  • Historic Building Features at 1 High Street, by Roger Lea (17th to 20th c.)
  • Sutton in the Civil War, by Roger Lea (17th c.)