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The document includes the following papers:
  • Henry Brindley, Hairdresser, by Mike Hinson (19th c)
  • Charles Adams and Reddicap Hill, by Janet Jordan (19th c.)
  • The Butler Family, 1891-1927, by Keith Jordan
  • The Railway Line through Sutton Park, by David Bramham (19th c.)
  • Offences in the Park, by Betty May (19th/20th c.)
  • That Hideous Terrace, by Roger Lea (re Lower Parade Area – 19th c.)
  • Behind the Parade, by Janet Lillywhite (The Development of Victoria Road, Newhall Street, Queen Street and Holland Street – 19th c.)
  • The Gibbons and Sacheverells at New Hall, by Albert Fentiman (15th – 18th c)
  • A Look at Falcon Lodge, by Marian Baxter (19th/20th c.)