New Hall

A book with the title: 'Images and Stories of New Hall, its Water Mill and Green Valley' is being planned. It will seek to tell the story of New Hall which has never been told before, in words and pictures.

The importance of this book will be its relevance to the people of Sutton Coldfield and its potential to enrich their appreciation and awareness of this environment through the wildlife and the farming that has been such an important and significant part of New Hall, the water mill and its valley.

Many people may have friends or family who worked on the Estate, the Mill or in New Hall itself before it became a hotel, and contributions of stories, photographs etc. would be of great interest, as this book is being compiled.

Please contribute by following the instructions given below.


If you wish to contribute your recollections or photographs of New Hall, the Mill or Estate, for inclusion in the book, either email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete the form below.

If you wish to discuss the book, please contact Kate Holt on 07831 273 981.