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One of my first recollections connected herewith was going as a little child to see Capt Harding's black puppies, and my terror of Capt Harding and his gouty foot; after that I went there to school, Miss Everitt the presiding power; Mrs and Miss Tongues succeeding her; on the death of the former, purchased by Miss Webb about 1820 - Miss Webb dying in 1861 left it with her whole property to her only nephew T V Webb of Great Grensden, Huntingdonshire. Sold in 1866 to Mr Bellamy.

Miss Webb added the bay windows; and connected with it must ever be connected the remembrance of good works, great talents; unselfish consideration for others; Charity bounded but by justice; added to which, untiring industry, and christian sympathy, marked all her actions while health and energy lasted, and in sickness and death her thoughts were for the good of friends and neighbours, and in Peace with all the world she died away as in a sleep.

Dr Buckland and George Stephenson