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A Gay day for Sutton.

Miss Mowbray Mrs Williamson's niece resident at the Rectory (Dr W being one of her guardians) married Jh (John?) Cornish Esq - he taking the name of Mowbray, God Speed.

Oct 29

National Thanksgiving day, service, and the poor regaled by Dr Williamson.

Mr and Mrs Grundy came to Mrs Willoughby's house.


Mr Webster took Ashfurlong.


Mr Sol(Solomon?) elected warden.

Aemilian gave up Temple Row. My Father began to fail - it was a sore trouble and cast its shadow of coming events.

Dec 31

Our good Old Nurse Nanny died, she nursed me from the first - and in succession did her duty to fifteen of us, five and twenty years of faithful service secured to her the affection of friends and the comfort of a home; she lived the best of her life, and died amongst us, I closed her eyes as the bells rang in the New Year, in lodgings on the Church Hill, illness and trouble in our own house made it desirable that she should be removed, and she expressed her wish for the arrangement, she left her brother 100£ and the rest of her savings amongst us - gave me 9 sovereigns just before she died (with which I bought my bed) she left a good home on earth - and I humbly hope is hither in Heaven.



Feb 12

A date that can never be forgotten.

Our dear good Father died in 76 years of age (30 Chap of Job - 23rd verse was the text from which Mr Douglas preached on the following Sunday). - A good husband, father, friend, neighbour and citizen and according to the light within a good Christian; accepted of God, we humbly trust through the merits of his Saviour "Christ our Righteousness" almost his last words and on that plea he resigned his soul to God. To provide for his daughters his last anxious care, he spoke to me unreservedly of his wishes for us, asked of Vincent an assurance that the birth of his boy should not interfere with our interest, told Vincent he had left me with himself and John the Executors; talked to me of Vincent's best interests, and his wishes connected therewith as to Secker (Lorenzo, his Clerk?) and with some foreknowledge of the time {indecipherable text} himself out to die; rest to his soul O God.