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Oct 13

Thanksgiving Day for the removal of Cholera.

"Our monthly Sacrament we may be as many as 30, on High Festivals they do not come, this is very sad, the clergy have been afraid of pressing people lest they then come unprepared, and this proper feeling has run into vicious extreme" - Dr W

Mr Gretorex and Mrs G succeeding descendant of Brabins Butler came to Sutton, and from associations with nautical life, called their home "the Anchorage".

Nov 2

Mr Garnett Warden




Griffis died (formerly of the "Old Dog").

Vincent's house roofed (2y?) and urned - he says not.


Mrs Smith, Hollyfield, died.


Mr Horton died.

June 2

Mr Beal of The Cottage (in Mulroy Road?) died.


Races in the Park and Fire at RC Chapel.


Mr Addenbrooke took Hollyfield.

Aug 7

Mr H. Addenbrooke married Miss Brisco and they twain became one (of us - Holbeche & Addenbrooke).


Presentation of Plate to Dr Williamson and the Rev Grahame Green's appearance as Mr Bedford's first curate (tho' not yet inducted).


Dr Williamson's farewell sermon.

Sep 29

I myself poisoned by Dover's instead of Jallap powders; a narrow escape from death, God's Will.

Mr Bedford inducted and pulled the Bell.

Nov 1

Mary left Sutton and "Home" (for Leamington).


Mr Garnett re-elected.

Mr Wiggan to the Park.


Dr Williamson has left Sutton and the Rectory but not without leaving fruit of the good seed sown. May it overcome the {indecipherable text} spread broadcast, (by one who should have been glad to reap in the same field) - but his weapons (?) were not alike tempered; good, as in some respects acknowledge, - but not for the work of duties pastoral, and social. We have had light thrown upon our worship and services, Sacraments upheld, the Christian Festival kept - viz, as regards our Saviour; souls cared for; poverty relieved, sorrow or suffering sympathised with and alleviated, Vice rebuked, industry encouraged and everyone who needed, knew he had a friend. May God bless him and his (Jan 9 1851)