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Aug 4

Repository. Mr Eddowes' lecture on the Ocean 1£ 4s 0d - whole result 34£ 0s 1d.

Aug 15

Foundation of Town Hall laid first stone by Mrs Baron Webster on the site of jail; gardens and infant school - with small houses added to the space gained by the blasting of rock (away).

A high day for the Baron & Baroness!!!

Picture of Town Hall with men in Mill Street

Sept 20

Our Sister Elizabeth died; in suffering made perfect thro' Christ, and in her merits trusting (alone) that every sin was forgiven. She had been a patient and heavily (?) afflicted sufferer for fifteen years; the light of her eyes denied; that of the mind increased; and through God's mercy she was a witness to his power, in charging the heart and renewing the spirit of his gracious promises "I will not leave thee or forsake thee".

Oct 7

Miss Annie Hartopp married to Lord Walter Scott son of the Duke of Buccleigh.

Nov 2

Mr Baron Webster Warden again.




Lord Leigh becomes our Lord High Steward.

Jany 11

Mr Garnett elected Capital Burgess on Sir WEL Hartopp's resignation.

Mrs Oughton died, Mr Jerome purchasing the property, one of my Father's old friends, nearly the last.

March 23

Races on a larger scale in Corporation Field occupied by Mr W Wilkin.