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Aug 9 + 10

Repository. Mr Chavasse gave a lecture on the hand - in Girl's school room - result 39£.


Mr Wm Grundy died.

Picture of Town Hall

New Town Hall opened by Lord Leigh. A proud day for Baron and Baroness Webster "Mrs W's being the first Lady's health, after our Noble Queen's proposed in our new building," said the grateful husband. A handsome luncheon given by the Corporation, professional singers, and New Era opened on Sutton Coldfield.

Oct 14

Miss Pimm's Ball - the first dancing in the Hall. Patron BD Webster Esq; a success, unaffected good humour, good nature, and liberality, and good management defying critisisum (criticism).

Nov 2

Mr Wright elected Warden!

Opposite house taken by Giles and forthwith appeared emblazoned "Railway Hotel" before the Railway itself was a fact.


Change of Post Office - Mrs Beache returning.

Mrs Wilkins appointed.

Mr B Webster elected Capital Burgess in the place of Mr Garrett leaving for a time -

Nov 14, 1849.


Christmas Card from Howard and Emily (Chavasse) to the Sisters?