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Feb (26?)


Duke Street alisas Maney Field, Alias Bun Hill, made.

Repository in New Town Hall. Result 30£.

Aug 5

Died Baron Webster at Penns; schemes of ambition, wealth and ppower, for which life, health and better things were sacrificed so ended; a few days illness and all gone - no intrigue, plan, or device of Man can secure accomplishment. I expect we shall hear sad histories of each.

Sept 29

George Beach left the Park for a part of the old workplace in Mill Street. I suppose we must call Streets now by name.

Miss Bracken bought Acorn House.

Mr Eddowes took Mr Horton's old house vacated by the Yelds - leaving their history of folly.

Dec 10

Mr Garnett re-elected, Mr Webster deceased.


Died our good friend Mrs Bick, for four years inmate of our house, and no ill word or unkindness between us; she came because it was thought wise, the time came when to leave was thought wise - and with mutual affection and good will we parted - never (......?)

Christmas card from Howard & Emily - kind wishes to the Misses Holbeche

Christmas card from Hurst & Ralph Sadler