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Poor old Swift the Keeper died.


Bessie Beach - as old acquaintance led us to call her - (Though Mrs Beach, Post Mistress properly) died.

Nov 2

Mr Chavasse - Re-elected Warden.

Now began the said foreboding which was another Xmas {indecipherable text} the {indecipherable text} of {indecipherable text} who had lived years of happy married life - for whom out of my own family I felt more attachment than any {indecipherable text} neighbour.

Christmas Card "To all the sisterhood from Howard & Emily (Chavasse)



Feb 14

Rails each side of Church yard put up.

Charles Beach went to Swift's cottage.


Jane Anne Chavasse died, buried at Edgbaston - a life of suffering and deprivation indeed.

John Perkins, alias "Jack" began a house in Cup Fields.


Blackroot Pool let to the Hotel Company - from which much success to "The Royal" is expected alas! for the spirit of "My Pool" gone for ever, a foretaste of the spirit of the age.