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Aug 15

Mr White began a house in Cup Fields.

4th and 5th

Repository result £30.15s.4d.


Service in the Town Hall - church closed for alterations and repairs.


For work in the interior of the church paid £723.0s.0d.

The first charge made to foot people in the Park this month.

Oct 14

Mr Hacket died at York buried at.

Mr and Mrs Hacket - his Grandson, son of John the 2nd son succeeding to Moor Hall - what was left, except to Mrs H and her daughter?

Photo of Mr Hacket ?


Photo of Mrs Hacket ?


Dr Lakin married Miss McAdam (Belfast)


Poor old Martin died, no discovery of the vile perpetrator of the foul deed (Pg 63)

Dec 12

Miss Emma Whately died, she had lived in Sutton many years an imbecile and first at John Smith's Four Oaks, then Mr Grews (?) and for her latter years at Hollis'.


The wife of Sir Wm Hartopp exhibited her parvenue in "scarcely believable in the 19 Century, as contemptable as rediculous (good for Punch).

School on Church Hill licensed for Holy Communion.

Christmas card

Not from Howard and Emily" but from Dunstall.