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Additions to the Gas Works and tall chimney intruding itself to sight. Mr Mayfield's house began - corner of Cup Field.

East Window of stained glass given by the Rector as on other side (of the page?)

Sir William Hartopp died at Four Oaks only a few days ill - succeeded by his son the present Sir John.

Mr Arnold widow of Ed Arnold butcher died in an alms house

Newscutting - strikes and colliers.


Sir Wm taken to be buried a muffled peal all that was known at Sutton or I fear much ... ... he had done little to gain respect or esteem by his neighbours whom he ignored poor man - Hearse & coach with an attendant undertaker left Four Oaks for Aston in Leicestershire.

Town being measured for Water Works.


New Lecturn used as reading desk - prayer offered for Mr Bedford.


Mr Smith druggist elected to the Corporation, Sir WH decd.

Mr Carter Smith died

2 photos - 1 empty - the other Carter Smith??

Nov 2

Mr Colmore elected Warden, Mr Chavasse exit.

Mr Wm Perkins died a sudden seizure without retaining sense. What a crowd of painful remembrances!


Mr Wm Perkins buried at Sutton. Mr Kittoe, Mr Meredith, Mr Webster and Dr Lakin Pall Bearers. "The first zinc coffin, said Stephenson - brought into Sutton" - every one to himself.


A handsome present of walnut wood Davenport given to each of the Miss Bodingtons by those who acknowledged their great usefulness and kindness - a beautiful bible and envelope case to my sister - Helen - on the same grounds.