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Mar 8

Mr Essington from Shenstone preached. Considerable excitement as to Brummagens claiming a right to dig and delve for water and erect works.


A far greater and terrible excitement on hearing of the failure of Spooner and Atwood's Bank.

Newscutting 'The Great Bank Failure' 1865


Newscutting - ditto




Norris at the Driffold died, he had been married 54 years and his desire to have flowers in his coffin complied with.


Heard the Bell at the Hotel, the Royal Hotel!!! May its clapper tell the tale I fear (of failure), alas! I think for the share holders. "but you always throw cold water" VH

Blackroot Pool - No longer Duncomb's "My Pool", or Perkins', but The Hotel Pool, rented by the Company at {indecipherable text} for which the former tenant paid {indecipherable text}. Mr W Perkins was allowed {indecipherable text} for what he was bold enough to say had been expended on it for keeping repair and preservation {indecipherable text} 2y? See Gender Pg 27.

Picture of Blackroot Pool

March 31

Mrs Betts formerly of the Sun, of late years the Emanuel Arms - died, her husband died in consequence of accident - a son and daughter of decline.

Newscutting - polling booth in Market Place - in favour of Liberals 1865