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Ap 1st
Easter Sunday

Mr Meredith's last sermon and first weekly offertory. I hope it may be good in many ways "God loveth a cheerful giver" (back to him again).


Mr Addenbrooke so generally at his post (whereever it may be) the only attendant to re-elect our "Good chuch wardens".


The Offertory, as began on Sunday last (about 3-0-0).


Mr Kittoe - Cap Burgess - what a come down.

Sir J(?) Hartopp and Harry Smith elected Members in place of Mr Field and Mr Garnett. Hotel Closed!! What's its next fate?

My Brass at last in its place - Inscription "For the House of God and in memory of Richard Williamson Dr of Divinity of Westminster? Some years faithful and devoted Rector of this Parish, he died Sept 11th 1865 - the window is given by Sarah Holbeche.

(This last paragraph seems to have been scrored out in the diary. Was it because it was the wrong date?)

May 8

Most devoted and self sacrificing son of Mr Smith druggist died - respected by all, was a justly esteemed as good tradesman, good son, good brother and good man - his fatal illness seemed to come on suddenly and terminated in rapid decline.


Awful seizure of Mr Kempson so died on the 15 never becoming sensible.


Mr Chavasse alarming illness in Birmingham on (.......) 90 yrs.

Newscutting re Hotel - sale of wines, sherry

Ditto, furniture