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10 September

The Kell conspiracy and intriguing Widow foiled, a bitter bit to her it must have been when brought to book, even on receiving 1000£ which must remind her of blood money, and dearly gained; the cost, years of duplicity, intrigue and falsehood it has nevertheless been a farce; and the amount? of Mr Packwood and Mr James - Mr James and Brosly? quite worth a page in Punch (this from Miss Riland)

Sale by Barrows and Clark at the Firs!!!! Effects of the late Mr Kempson - 46 doz of wine.


Mr Kempson from the Firs No 2 Maney Villas!

Mrs Parkes from Doe Bank to Mrs Wallis - late E Sadler.

Mrs Wallis to Hughes - (late James deceased).

Mr Lucy to No 1 Maney Villas, with a brave heart and willing mind to begin the world again, a clear conscience and upright honest course will sustain a manly spirit tho' such difficulty without crushing him.


Lucy Hartopp's good fat pulpit cushion supplanted by an "antipendium" To sit softly on it will we hope mollify the hard words - of one preacher Rev JP ??

Oct 21

The Revd H Hirsch a Prussian Curate pro-tem.

Coming home a few days before I found some excitement was going on and heard by a side wind (not from the home party who denounced its wickedness) that "A Harvest Festival" was to be held and wonderful similes, shaking of heads and mysterious whisperings. I enjoyed this day and entered into its spirit, thankfulness wants warming up in these cold hearts of ours, and externally are helps?; as intended, our senses not dead

The Text under E window by Ed MB - .........""Christ the first Fruits".

Newscutting re Harvest Thanksgiving


Grand Lodge of Free Masons - as opposite G Beech and another standing at the Chancel door with drawn swords and Mrs Jones ejecting Mrs Eddowes and myself from her pew in the Tigers style.

No Bells - a sovereign offered and refused.


Old Mrs Bailis was dead - died in the night, no illness - sank away. 189 Hymn sang at church, I could not but apply it to her.

"The hope of mercy taking"

"Words of peace supplying"

"Succour to the living"

"Comfort to the dying."


Mr T Smith surgeon married Miss Hendrick of Weeford - succeeding Mr Kempson at "The Firs".