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February 6th

The Ball bearing date title and purpose of notes (here) appended, a great succes most pleasant evening, and all that could be desired.


Richard went to Mr Frost. May all that is good attend him. Tis a bold stroke for one of five boys and his father's professional means.

Starlings first appeared and blinds drawn down for sun.

12 and 13


2 x Newscuttings re Steeplechases - ie Races

40,000 tickets issued in Birmingham to come to Sutton!! No wonder at our increased dirt!


600 letters this morning - so much for St Valentine. My good old friend Mr Beardoe died he was born at Little Aston where Mrs Mellor lives, his father a farmer to whose house as children we were taken generally on a donkey 1h (one hour??)

I have been carried home on John Kindliness's back. This extraordinary man just gone was an only son educated at Christ Hospital, his talents and energy soon gave promise of success; was an admirer of my mother; acquired wealth and position in Manchester? Well known amongst the scientific, and men of taste in his 90th year.


Mrs Boyle died a good woman, wife, Mother and friend, taken in mid life, her usefulness at its height. What a wreck will he be without her?

Newscuttings re Chignons

Re Weather - snow in April


Snow nine inches deep without drift on our premises.


Hotel no more "Brumagem Sanitorium! Bought for 6000£ - having cost 21,000.