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November 13

Vincent and Emma from London. Vincent no better. I pray he may not be worse. The fact which disturbs him may well night overwhelm him "at 62 no better off than at 32" and now a wife and family!! The advantage of keeping pace with those around without the means?


Surely calamities as troubles seldom come alone. Old Isaac Grimley run over and killed, and poor old Mrs Dale (Hill) burnt to death - sudden death.


Planted a damson tree in the orchard - having taken away an old one.


Dog Grievance between Dr Lakin and Mr Hodgson brought to open rupture; the lies given, and Mr H showing Dr and Mrs L the door, something may be said on each side, but a kennel of dogs in the street does not tell well - it must be a nuisance

Newscutting Oct 21 "Penny Readings"

Newscutting Royal Hotel Nov 22

Dec 2

George Dawson on Thackery's "Vanity Fair" too coarse for his warmest admirers.


Mr Chadwick became Capital Burgess. Mr Packwood resigned.


Theatricals at Town Hall - Vincent (see left hand)

Newscutting re Hacket


Corton died last night, singular and sad, that two old neighbours occupying under the one roof, one dead the other George Beach thought to be dying.

Idiot Asylum Meeting Lord Leigh in the chair to whom I promised I would do my best for the credit of our Royal Town - events must prove

Newscutting re Bodington's baby

We heard of danger last night but could not realise what might be.

Newscutting re Bodington's wife's death

This is an awful visitation and but for God's doing marvelous in our eyes and his ways past finding out.


Sermon for Curate Aid Society - took £9.14s.0d.

Hearnshaw died in an Alms House.


Mr H Whitehouse died 40 years old - Married Catherine Chavasse, leaves seven children, the last an infant few weeks old, after a distressing illness of some months and great suffering more trouble for our good friend her father.


Poor old Wardel of long since association died at his son's on the Coldfield attended by his good daughter in law, Ruth. - Granny Harris told Helen she had dreamt of dancing in her pattens amongst the coffins.