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Newscuttings re new Bishop of Lichfield

A public, perhaps National interest this, but from circumstances I feel it identified with my own.


Noel Road, Edgbaston May 6 1868 - Five months since I opened to transcribe from my diary (this book) how can I do it? - by a simple notice of facts only, as I find them noted down; and the retrospect I fear to begin.




Our brother Vincent died. Found dead! To Helen the first shock, seeking and finding him in the garden. God I believe in mercy preparing her mind when she reached and pushed open the door. Dr Lakin on the spot immediately and his testamony we trust to be true "no suffering or last agonies". All is known to God alone, who thro Christ we humbly believe heard and answered his oft repeated prayers "Lord have mercy upon me, for Christ's sake forgive me". We know God did it; and we know he doth all things well. We have to bow in submission and hear the warning voice "Be ye also ready", prepare to meet thy God. Thos Vincent by telegraph was summoned and came at ten, Richard next morning and AE from Uppingham in the af'noon. My sisters all scattered but not far off - Mrs H Addenbrooke in Birmingham, Mr Eddowes and John came at night. Of dear Emma, only one thought, May God support her; and her child Arthur was a lesson to many a grown person, and proof that his teaching had not been in vain; that father and mother had taught him to ascribe all to God. Mr Addenbrooke stayed the night and arrangements for the funeral as follows: For the following Tuesday, the next day being Xmas Day - a new vault made to hold -