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Thomas Vincent

(Richard's Brother)

Born Feb 27 1846

Came into the offices of his Uncle , ? May 1868 as partner and as intended by his late father - honour be to the Uncle for so carrying out the intention of his late partner


Robert Neville Holbeche (son of John Holbeche who was Sarah's brother)

Born 1847. Gazetted Jany 8th 1868. Sailed for Singapore Ap 28 in the 'Ripon'

Mill, i.e. Aemillion, (Richard's brother)

Born 1851

Went as Clerk into Lloyd's Bank Ap 24 1868

Henry Leigh Holbeche (second son of John Holbeche, Sarah's brother)

Born 1852 (18.03.1852). Began in his father's office in February of this year, 1868, died 2 Nov 1872


Edward Addenbrooke Holbeche, i.e. Ted (Richard's brother)

Born March 1, 1847

On Board 'The Anglesea' for Melbourne. Returned Dec 7th 1867. Jan 30 (1868) left home to join the above again.