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July 30


Photo of Canwell Hall

Called on the newcomers. A curious household of three generations. Miss and Mr Loftus with children, Mr Douglas - another son, and curious circumstances connected with this call; Mrs Williamson going with me and having no idea on whom we were calling met in Mr Loftus a very old friend who in a moment recognised and remembered "Annie Gray" after many years losing sight of each other.

July 31

The woman Preston who had lived with Ed Sadler and was the mother of his children died, and at the same time lay dead Smallwood at whose house she lodged.

Mrs Yates one of the old associations of childhood died.

August 1

Richard to Sandhurst


On the 4 I took the servants to see the sight a ??scene in truth - as we left at 10 o'clock at night shoals were going in by moonlight.

Several Newscuttings - relating to fire at Sutton Park and heavy fall of rain.

God has done what man could not do. Ploughs, spades, and engines are nothing to the gracious rain. On the 2nd of Sept - still smoking.

August 9

The wife of Henry Browne (son of Richard Brown) died 48 hours illness

Newscutting re Henry Addenbrooke, solor - appointed to acknowledge docts by married women


Good news from dear old Ted promoted to be second mate and reveling in a cabin to himself.

Newscutting - August 14 - Sutton Park admittance


Hotel gives signs of life

Newscutting re Royal Hotel


SPG meeting, better as regards numbers. 5£ collected. Mr Rowley deputy, pouring rain next night at Hill.


Hurst Sadler of age.


First letter from Richard at Sandhurst.


Mr Rose and Mr Sadler preached for Coventry Church extension £9.15s.0d. a pleasant change from Mr Newman last illogical if not scriptural conclusion.