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September 1

Thos. Vincent took out a license.


First visit to new neighbours and to the new house, designated by its past occupant "Wellington House" but by Mr and Mrs Ridout Wills termed "Wylde Green" - less imposing but in better taste. Several new houses and rows of houses since this time last year. 2 by Mr Cartwright, rather imposing in appearance, a row by Spurrier/Spooner/Spencer? less pretending but comfortable looking, and others at Maney by Mr Wild. No game come in, harvest gathered and birds wild.


A Perigrination in unknown lands, once familiar enough, intending to call on Mr Fowler in Maney Fields. I was told "This is Holland St!! going on I found myself in "Duke St". the Old Duke moved across the way and grown in importance, and another still larger hostelry Mr Atkins - Myrtle Cottage, Victor Cottage, and others where last I saw a hedge growing on my way to the Driffold a new road cut thro' the Manor Hill estate to the right.

Mr Eddows capital new house nearly finished, with Rose Villa and Trent Villa opposite the Old Driffold House!!

Poor Mr Dutton in addition to his son's malady shot his companion Mr Arthur/Arthans? in the eye, first day of shooting.


Indian heat and the thermometer at -


What a blessing if a good deal could be washed away - see below

Newscutting re Proposed Bathing Pool in Sutton Park


The Stone House Acorn - designation of Miss Brackens taken down reported to be unsafe.

Drawing of Acorn


The Corporation in their wisdom voted a gratuity to Maria Vaughton on retiring from Coldfield School. Wise not to make her an annuitant, so that, say???and a woman lives for ever!


Accomplished 5£ for Ideal Asylum

Newscutting re The Royal Promenade Gardens and Nursery Grounds - ? Crystal Palace


Review at Four Oaks of Riflemen


Neither {indecipherable text} or evil have the days of my life {indecipherable text} in which my age is as nought, and the evil with {indecipherable text} for all his blessings - 65 years old

Sept 11

Mr and Mrs Rawlins left Penns, to the regret of many, making way of Mr Allbutt.

Photos of two people, presumably Mr and Mrs Rawlins